Bolsas de basura 35L 36 unidades

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  • El producto está admitido a comercialización en los países de la Unión Aduanera Euroasiática
  • El producto está hecho de polietileno de alta densidad, puede ser reciclado. Los paquetes de HDPE son adecuados para su reutilización (después del lavado con agua tibia con la adición de detergentes no agresivos y sin el uso de abrasivos (polvos, pastas)
  • Embalaje de papel
  • Cuide la limpieza, deseche el embalaje del producto usado en el contenedor
  • Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños

Did you know that ... Baking paper helps to remove stains from wax. Simply heat the iron and the stain applied. The wax will flow in the paper, and dirty material will remain clean.

Vi-It can handle! Cover the paper top of dough to keep it from Cook or excessive zarumienieniu.

The advantages of

  • The high quality of the material.
  • Ideally suited for medium-sized baskets in any shape.
  • Durable and comfortable to use.
  • Do not stick together with each other, which makes it easy to separate them from each other on a roll.
  • Eco-friendly and eco-friendly-suitable for reuse.

Applies to

  • How to choose the right size of bag? Too little bag can slide down from the rim of the trash, so that the waste will fall directly into the container. Why choose the bag that is inserted into the trash can will stick out beyond his rant on about 15 cm.
  • Before you buy a specific garbage bags to consider how they will be used. Buying bags for the kitchen, we should opt for a thicker, more durable models, which certainly does not burst during launch. On the other hand, when it comes to garbage bags used in the Office or bathroom, can be put on thinner models.
  • How to properly evaluate the thickness of liners?
    Compare with each other rolls, which include the same pieces bags – they are thicker, the thicker the foil, which made garbage bags.


Número de piezas en una caja de cartón 45
Número de cajas de cartón en una capa de paleta 10
Número de capas en una paleta 9
Número de cajas de cartón en una paleta 90
Número de piezas en un palet 4050
Pesoi 0,113 kg
Peso del cartón 5,217 kg
Waga palety (z paletą EURO) 489,53 kg